3D Web History

Back in the 90’s every one were trying to find the magic formula that will spell the next big thing in the world wide web.

Though its full potential has yet to be realized or even understood, some people in the industry were already thinking of innovative ways to advance the state of the internet.

Back then, one of the fundamental problems of the internet is how to present it in a way that will appeal to more audience.

Perhaps taking its cue from the success of the graphical user interface: a real-world-like representation of computer data and concepts in metaphor that’s familiar to users, the concept of the 3D website was invented.

3D web sites aimed to push the spatial representation of computer concepts even further. The scenario is that the user will be immersed in a 3d world where he can interact with web site elements that otherwise would just be ‘mere’ web pages in normal web sites.

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